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June 27th 2011.

Wibbles - funny daily cartoon strip

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Here are some old Wibbles you can look at now:

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This is an example of the Wibbles that you will find on Twitter:

KING: Blah blah blah.QUEEN: What was that? An impression of a Sheep with a speech impediment?

September 28th 2009

Welcome to the Wibbles web page (not really a web site, because that would mean at least 2 pages and I know how 2 count :)). It was inspired by shitmydadsays on Twitter (Warning, The content on this link includes SWEARING) and I started work on the idea on September 16th 2009, and within a couple of weeks this is it (as Michael Jackson would say!).

The idea of the Wibbles is simple: Make people smile at least once a day with funny chatter or comments made by the Wibbles.

The Wibbles are what I would call dynamic characters because they do not represent a single personality or person and they are always changing. However, in general terms King and Queen are (usually but not always) adults and Prince and Princess are children…simple!

The chatter and comments made by the Wibbles are created by reading forums, visiting various places on the internet, the TV, conversations I have with people offline and observing conversations of people around me (ear wigging as my mum used to say ;)). This is then twisted, changed, put into a different context and added to if necessary. If sometimes it does not work then I will use my imagination and just make stuff up! Ah, use my creativity for the challenge, my favourite!

News: 2014.Some dy I may return to doing some Wibbles,but for now I have other projects on the go ;)

If you need to contact me then use this email below, it should get to me.

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