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    Welcome to the Red Games Support Area,

    I am committed to supporting all of my games, even though they are all FREE.

    Please have a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below and see if it answers your support question. If your question is not answered then help me to help you and others by letting me know about any problems you may experience. Use this email address the email is support at and describe your problem/question in as much detail as you can and I will try to reply as soon as I can (got to work and try and earn a living, so I may take a while :().

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q: Sometimes when I play a game it's slow and jerky.
 A: There maybe other programs that are running in the background and using your PC's  memory and processor. Try closing those programs and running the game.

 Q: Why do the screenshots on this site not look as good as the in-game visuals?
 A: The screenshots on this site are file compressed so that you dont have to wait too long  to view them.

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