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About Red Games (this is me, allegedly :))

Hi and Welcome to Red Games,

My name is Alfie Plum from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England and In my spare time I create games under the name Red Games. Red Games creates original video games which are currently exclusive to the PC platform, and available for FREE to download and play.

PC Publishers My PC Games are FREE for people to download and play. If you want to say publish and sell any of my games on CD for specific territories then you will need a licence from me and a special build of the game/games. If you have a proposal then you can contact me initially via the email address below.

Non PC Publishers and Developers If you want to publish/develop any of my game designs for other platforms (excluding PC Download) then you will need to licence the IP from me or have my written permission.

Possible opportunities include Letto with it's minimalist compact design and it's 1 click play mechanic that would be a perfect game on the Nintendo DS, the Apple iPhone and Mobile Phones. Also, Jam on Sony's PSP platform, a perfect match in the games panoramic design, short play times and numerous modes that will keep players coming back for more !If you have a proposal then you can contact me initially via the email address below.

Advertisers If you want to advertise within or sponsor a game then you can contact me via my email below. Possible opportunities include Alfies Game with 100 individual levels and loads of space.

Other Opportunities If you want to commision a special edition of Jiglit to either give away or sell then contact me via the email address below. A commision can be almost anything, including a "XMAS" edition, "POKER" edition, "FOOTBALL" edition, a personal edition such as "STEPHEN FRY" or even a product edition such as "PRINGLES" (mmm tasty!).


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